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We all make up words, intentionally and accidentally or by honestly mistaking what we're trying to say. It's a funny and cute and sometimes annoying thing we've all done at least once in our life. Today my adoptive little brother and I were having a very earnest conversation about his situation with the ex-girlfriend who remains the love of his 17 year-old life and despite the seriousness of the conversation and the feelings he was trying to convey, the kid keeps harping on how the bitch girl bitch (sorry, I'm just a fiercely loyal and protective big sis so, yeah, the lil ho's a bitch for hurting my boy) "didn't even have the dignency to return my calls and tell me about this other guy."

Dignency. New word. I like it. It's a bastard of the words dignity and decency, decency being the word he actually meant to use, but ... dignency. Has some kind of ring to it, doesn't it?
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