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OMG, A FIC! "The Thunder Rolls 1/?," Mag7 OW, Chris/Vin, Suitable for all ages this part.

Ok all, this has been a highly productive day off for me and I'm darn tempted to celebrate, but will hold off on that 'cause I'm a bit nervous about this one. Right now, I'm attempting to mosey into a new fandom (for me, new, though it's been around for quite a few years now) and I've no idea if I'm doing it right. I know gwyn_r and maygra are into this fandom, so I'm hoping I catch the eye of one of you for a few pointers. Not sure when I'll be adding to it or how much there'll be when I do. Just hope y'all bear with me and kinda like what I come up with. Enough jabbering, I s'pose, here's the nitty gritty:

Title: The Thunder Rolls
Author: missmishka
Fandom: The Magnificent Seven (tv series)
Pairing: Chris Larabee/Vin Tanner
Rating: Will hopefully achieve an adult rating, but currently safe for any/all readers.
Disclaimer: My dvd cases credit MGM Television Entertainment Inc and Twentieth Century Fox with the copyrights to this show and I thank them all kindly for putting it out on dvd so I could find it.
Summary: Post-series, Vin decides it's time to change a few things between Chris and himself.
Notes: No beta and most of the grammatical errors are deliberate, but I hope their inclusion and the style in which I'm chosing to write this don't distract from the story. My first attempt in this fandom with these guys, so getting my feel for their characters. Let me know, please, how I've done with Vin. The title and inspiration for this can be credited to the Garth Brooks song of the same name. The story won't go down the same way as the song, though, rest assured.

The Thunder Rolls

Vin is busy in his wagon, cleaning his rifles and otherwise preparing for the journey that’s set to begin come the dawn, when Chris seeks him out.

The former bounty hunter ain’t no idiot despite his lack of book learnin’ and he knows damned well what Larabee wants. Been waiting for the man to recover enough to come askin’ for it again. He had wondered what he’d do when the moment presented itself. Would he quietly shuck his clothes and roll over for the man as he so often had before or would he stick the pride that was telling him to do that kinda thing no more?

A quick, quiet look up from the mare’s leg in his hands to lock gazes with Chris gave Vin his answer. While the hungry, heated look in the older man’s eyes stirred something mighty fierce in Vin’s gut, the lustful burn wasn’t near enough to offset the wrenching pain in his heart. Blinking to hold back tears he didn’t want to admit were building up in his eyes, he diverts his attention back to his gun and steadfastly ignores the other man. He can feel that green gaze upon him, almost feels as if it’s stripping the layers of dusty cloth and rawhide from his scrawny frame, but he don’t look back up from his task.

Several minutes pass in awkward silence until Chris clears his throat. It’s a sign of impatience at the lack of an invitation and Vin’s genuinely surprised that Larabee’s actually waitin’ on an invite into the wagon. Most the time the man just starts flicking open buttons and flashing all that tempting white skin while he climbs up into the covered buckboard to slake his lusts for the night. Not his fault, really, Vin’s never shown any pride when it came to Chris’ wants, so it was no wonder the older thought he merely had to show himself to be willing for Vin to start raring to go for a tumble. The gunslinger ain’t stupid, either, though, so it must be obvious to him too that times have come to change for their arrangement.

“Think I’ll be turnin’ in now,” Vin declares, putting away his cleansed weapons and supplies. “Wanna be fresh for the track in the morning.”

His words clearly puzzle Chris, he can see when he chances a look at the gunslinger to gauge his reaction to the quietly drawled statements. Some concern mixes in with everything else shining in those green eyes, but Vin locks his jaw against any explanations that might soothe that worry. After all the times that man’s twisted his guts into knots with one worry and doubt or another, it’s only fair Vin get some back.

“Vin,” Chris whispers, his voice rough like he ain’t used it in ages, which isn’t far from the truth.

The gunslinger suddenly tightens his grip on the edge of the wagon cover’s frame and his muscles bunch with the clear intention of aiding him up into the cart with Vin, but the tracker quickly forestalls that action. A sudden kick of Vin’s booted foot sets loose the tie he uses to hold up the back cover of the wagon while he’s awake and the heavy material quickly unfurls to provide a barrier between Chris and himself. It’s a fragile blockade, laughable really to imagine it being enough to stop Larabee should the older man really want to come aboard, but the action speaks volumes on Vin’s part and what it says is clearly enough to stop the gunslinger.

“I’ll leave you to that, then,” Chris says from the other side of the drape after several moments of silence.

His words are formal and the tone has a bite to it, indicating that this is a rejection he doesn’t much care for, and Vin can’t help but wonder what he looks like in that moment. Is there any hurt in his eyes? Does this rebuff sting at all? Or is the man just taking it in then pushing it aside, taking the refusal in stride and girding himself to take his lust to a willing recipient? More ‘an likely it’s that last one.

Chris ain’t shy about taking up with a whore or finding an easy lay where he can when he has the mind to. Given what they’re heading out to do tomorrow, Vin’s got no doubt that Chris has a definite mind to plant himself somewhere tonight. Burn off some energy and distract himself from the unpleasantness of it all.

The thought adds to the sickening weight in Vin’s gut as he blows out his lantern and curls up on his side, not bothering to shed a bit of clothing, hoping that somehow he’ll get to sleep and not have visions of Chris getting’ all sweaty above some other body. His pride demands he bite down hard on any notion of regret at not allowing himself to be that body. It’s the right thing to have done, he knows it. He just can’t do it anymore. All there is to it.

That night at Ella’s fancy party made it clear that Vin’s word ain’t no good anymore to Larabee, so it should go without saying that the young man’s body was equally unfit. ‘Cepting that that line of thought didn’t do no good to make Vin feel better. Any thoughts of being good enough for Chris always boiled down to the fact that Vin’s heart and love were what really weren’t good enough for the man. His tracking and shooting skills were good enough to keep him a place in Larabee’s seven and his body obviously suited Chris for the occasional tumble, but it was clear that those attributes were the only ones of interest or use to the gunslinger.

And that just ain’t enough for Vin anymore. Not after everything else. Not after he’d had such a chance with Charlotte and been forced to watch Chris with Mary and Ella and more than a fair share of random whores. Weren’t right and it weren’t fair. Not while all that’s still between them and ain’t neither of them loose enough with the lips to make an effort to clear things up. He’d do it, dang fool that he was for Chris, iffin he thought for a second he stood a chance at keeping the man beside him, but his pride wouldn’t let him make the first move. He’d done that often enough and this was where it got him every time. Curled up alone to sleep away the remaining hours of night.

As sleep finally creeps up to take hold of him, Vin lets one of them pesky tears fall from his overfilled eyes and knows it won’t be the last he sheds over Larabee.
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