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This Obsession May Be Unhealthy

In honor of Mother's day, I'm making my mom a cake - just put it in the oven and am posting this as it bakes. The whole time I'm mixing the batter, though, all I can think of is the other Cake that is currently eating away at my heart and mind. The AI6 pairing of Chris Richardson and Blake Lewis, affectionately known as Cake. My mind is whirling like the beaters as I contemplate scenarios where these two make a cake together and do improper things with the batter or eat a cake together and do improper things with frosting or where the two of them just forget food and pretense and do some pretty damned improper things to each other. And then I get to wondering if tonight will be Blake's elimination and if Chris will be in the audience tonight to watch and I honestly think I'll cry if Blake does get eliminated and Chris isn't there to witness it and be nearby to console his lil guy.

And now I'm thinking I think WAY too much about these two. Seriously. Y'all don't wanna know how many times I've watched and rewatched last week's elimination video, focusing solely and intently on all things Cake. It can't be healthy. Especially given the number of times I keep zooming in on Chris as he's adjusting himself onstage as he stands next to Blake and they wait for Ryan to quit preening and just get the announcement over with already. Is it just me, some weird lighting trick or is Richardson packing a third leg(can't find a screencap that captures just the right angle to show the uninitiated, but fellow CupCakes, y'all know what I'm saying, right?) Either way - YUM MEEEEEEEEE, and mammoth manhood will feature into at least one of my future Cake fics. I just cannot resist.

Last night's show was just so lackluster without both of my boys. I feel like the oven door was opened too soon, causing this cake to fall flat. *sniffles*

See? I've cheesy metaphors out the wazoo for these two. I seriously may need an intervention. But not until I've caught up on all the fics out there. And the pretty icons and such. And, you know, I've gotta stay in the know until their cds hit and all ...
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