missmishka (missmishka) wrote,


Hiya all,

I've two quick questions for anyone who might have an answer or opinion:

First, I want very much to create my own mood theme using various pics of my fav actors, but I've no idea what all is needed to do this. Of my graphic savvy acquaintances, I ask - what all do I need to do/know to create a mood theme?

Second, I'm pushing the limits of the storage space for my website and I really don't want to bump up my plan to get more space because I know I can get a better bargain elsewhere. I'm a vidder, so I require a good deal of webspace and an even greater deal of bandwidth - my current host provides me with 400 MB space and a 600 MB limit daily downloads (18 GB monthly) I'm currently doing websearches on things like "internet hosting" and "webspace" to get an idea of my options, but before I spend too much time surfing through all the search results, I was wondering if any of y'all could offer an opinion/recommendation for a good hosting service.

With that, I go back to searching and waiting for the Oscars - first time I think EVER that I've been eager to watch the awards.

Thanks and ttyl,
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