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Has it really been more than a month since I was last on here? Yikes.

I hesitate to say "I'm back" 'cause I just know that'll jinx me, but I can say I am here today so HI! *big smothering hugs and kisses to my much missed flist* To spare us all, I'll not go into the whys of why I've been offline for so long, but I will say that this year has got a LOT of improving to do if it doesn't want to go down as the worst year of my life. There has been some good spots in it, though, so I'll focus on those. Got a raise at work - YAY and ... GOT LAID - don't worry, I'm not going into graphic details :P Yeah, baby! That's quite possibly TMI for many of you, but seeing as it's been three years (vow of celibacy thing that I can't believe lasted this long) since I even went on a date, this past weekend was soooooooooooooo good and so very very VERY necessary. I feel relaxed and alot more ready to deal with whatever else the fates have got up their sleeves for me this year.

On my fannish front, my fics are a bit stalled, but will not be forgotten. I've kinda shelved them all to focus on a vid project in honor of "Prison Break"s approaching return to Fox. The vid will hopefully work itself into suitable shape within the week, so I'll be back to trying to write immediately after that. Continuing/finishing The Night series will be my first fic priority.

All that aside, I'm sure I've a ton of works to catch up on from my favs on here so I'm gonna totally laze and just read up on all I've been missing.

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